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Me llamo Luz Ángela.

I run the Light Spanish Language School.

We've helped thousands of people from all over the world become fluent in Spanish.

Most people try to "learn" Spanish but getting fluent is another level and the secret to it is enjoyment.

If you want a taste of getting fluent the fun way:

Our curriculums are specially designed based on years of research and experience to maximise learning in the easiest possible way.

Whether you are already fluent and want to get a boost, or if you want to talk to Spanish speaking natives without any worries, or you are starting out and don't know your 'el' from your 'la',

we are here to create a perfect learning path for you.

Get a feel for how we work

Sessions with us are different to traditional lessons; we use our extensive professional training and vast body of experience from our fantastic, friendly teachers and combine it with specially created material and interesting content. We then assess your individual needs to optimise your advancement in a fun, low-pressure environment that keeps students coming back for more.

Take a look at what our students say about us:

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Free taster session

To assess your current level and for you to assess us! 

  • Call by phone or Zoom.

  • Discover our methods.

  • Share your goals.

  • Plan a schedule.

  • No obligation.

  • Book a call. We'll do the rest.


More than lessons

Private sessions with your own friendly tutor.

  • Your level established within your first session.

  • Sessions set accordingly for your comfort.

  • Games and fun activities.

  • Conversation focused.

  • Learn better and faster.


Conversation clubs

Practice away from

one-to-one sessions.

  • Easy, casual chat with others at your level.

  • Just £8 per session.

  • Led by a native Spanish professional tutor..



Free practice

Extra things we've created for you - aren't we nice!

  • Fun articles to practise every day.

  • News in Light Spanish with audios to follow.

  • Useful vocabulary and grammar tips for all levels.


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