¡Hola, hello!

Me llamo Luz Ángela.

Did you get it?

Me llamo = My name is

Luz = Light,

Nice isn't it!


I run the Light Spanish Language School. My passion is to help people from all over the world to be fluent in Spanish. 

No more squared sessions with textbooks remotely related to your daily life. Now you will get into real practice sessions with real and language professional natives speakers.

Yo soy

Luz Ángela

Whether you are already fluent and want to get a boost and don't want to be scared about talking to Spanish speaking natives, or you have just realised how cool and nice would be to speak Spanish and decided to start,
we are here to create that unique path with you.

¡Las opciones!

Group Sessions

​Improve with others


  • Max. 5 people per group

  • Adjusted to your level

  • Games and fun activities

  • Conversation focused



Private sessions

  • Tailor-made sessions

  • Games and fun activities

  • Conversation focused



​More for less

  • Get a package + benefits

  • Subscribe for a monthly plan and get better prices

  • Access to Light Spanish community

Free practice

​Aren't we nice!

  • Reading activities

  • Listening activities.

  • Free tricks and tips to improve comprehension


Do you wanna get a peek into Luz's sessions?

Although sessions with us are not like traditional lessons, we do have all the professional training, a vast body of materials, and interesting content that allow us to assess your specific needs and then help you advance in a fun, low-pressure environment.

Some love from mis chicos!

She is very professional...

Ángela’s professionalism and interest in her students is unparalleled. She makes teaching seem easy, but as a teacher myself, I know how much hard work she puts into her lessons and pushing her students to do better. She is very patient when I get stuck or distracted and adds customized notes to every lesson to help me improve.

Sam , USA

I love the games...

Angela is the BEST. You CANNOT go wrong if you work with her. Knowing the language is wonderful, but her games and fun and forces you to USE what you know. She explains the topic of the day, then we use what we just learned.

Joe, USA

So much fun!...

I’ve been working with Angela for five months now and it has been a very seamless process in learning Spanish. I find that I know so much of what is being said and written during our lessons without having experienced any intense difficulty. I would recommend Angela if you want to have fun learning Spanish!

Ari, USA

Thank you!...

Having so much fun with this initiative. Thank you Angela for indulging my silliness with this learning endeavor!

Lisa, Canadá


Her lessons are so great. Finally understood a challenging topic today. She is phenomenal. Can’t recommend her enough.

Brianna, USA

By far the best...

I have tried multiple different teachers and Angela is by far one of the best. She has a comprehensive curriculum and engaging presentations.

Bonnie, USA