Sobre mí

Hello! My name is Angela, I am from Colombia and live in the UK.

I am very kind and patient. My students like my sense of humor and the way we search together for the best way to learn. I think it is very important to understand which type of learning best suits every student to maximise their learning process and this is part of the ethos of my school.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Literacy Studies from the National University of Colombia and I am currently completing a Master’s degree in Linguistics Applied to Teaching Spanish as a Second Language from the University of the Atlantico in Spain. I love literature and music, and I am a classical guitarist.

Mi historia

Ever since I was a child, I have always wanted to be a teacher. In fact, my parents are both psychology professors. So, it only seemed natural that I would be a teacher too. However, surprisingly, my parents hoped I would do something other than teaching. I guess some teachers aren't very enthusiastic about their children following their footsteps! Maybe it's because they don't love teaching the way I do.


During my career, I can honestly say there's only been a few times where I've felt like I was “teaching” (in that painful, boring sense of the word) - for example in my first job when I was 18 and was teaching 8 children to play 8 different songs on the guitar, switching between them for 6 hours each day... and maybe also years later, when I was part of a Spanish School in Bogotá, following a curriculum fixed equally for all of the students. Now that I have my own Spanish school, I can honestly say that my sessions don't feel like traditional lessons, and I don't feel like I'm teaching in an old-fashioned way. Let me tell you why...


Throughout my career, one of the consistent things I have learned is that every student and the way they learn is completely unique - as is their reason for learning; someone who wants to communicate with their in-laws in Spanish may want different things out of learning the language than, say, a surgeon who wants to give the right information to their patient’s families using Spanish.


​That’s why in my school, right from the start I wanted to ensure emphasis was placed on understanding the individual needs of my students in order to provide them with help and support they really need, and make it as much fun as possible in the process, because experience shows me that when something is fun it’s much easier to understand and remember.


Although sessions with us are not like traditional lessons, we do have all the necessary training and a vast body of teaching materials that allow us to assess your specific needs and then help you advance rapidly in a fun, low-pressure environment.